Short Biography:

Sasha Pushkin was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He began studying classical piano at age seven; by the age of eight he had performed his first concert of original compositions. By the age of 22, he had played for audiences of ten thousand people in St. Petersburg and Kiev. Since the early nineties, Sasha has been a regular performer on the European circuit. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

As a cross over composer, pianist, improviser, singer and concept - creator, he works in the fields of, improvised, contemporary and new music, world, jazz, electronic, rock using elements of industrial, avant-garde, classic and more...

S. Pushkin is known as an extremely flexible and open-minded musician. He has an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach that involves also collaborations in the fields of modern dance, multi-media, and literature. He is active as a band leader and composer for films. He is the creator of his own musical doctrine, called "Exprovisation.

He is also active as a writer, and sometimes paints and makes plastics too.

International experience: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland...



Bio by date (some selected acts)

1994 - An experiment: 3 hours of non stop improvisation, a SOLO PIANO concert in Kato, Berlin. Sessions and recordings with musicians from different countries and music fields.. Concerts in Russa. Recording - producing, mixing sound of Chillagok (future Transsylvanians) Composing. Studio & electronic experiments. A singer by a group, leading by Tobias Meier. Painting. Writing. Silent movie music for a cartoon NU POGODI. Guest singer by "Apparatschik" group.

1995 - creating PUSHKIN group. Concerts of PUSHKIN, Tempodrom etc. Bands united Festival, Potsdammer abkommen festival. Duo with Boris Rayskin( NY) + concerts in Germany. Project & Sound concept for "Blin" group(st. Petersburg), guest singer by Apparatschik, Blechreiz, and Skasdrovje. Headliners by Rudolstadt - Festival. Sound mixer by Apparatschik. Concerts in Holand and Germany. Work with Alexander Kopanev. Recording and producing a CD of Davill Hall (The dwarf inside) First PUSHKIN & TOURE duo concert in Pfefferberg. Berlin

1996 - starting an electronic music project FIELD (later PUSHKINSOUND SYSTEMS) Private SOLO PIANO concerts. Concerts with Alex Kopanev, Duo with Boris Rayskin (NY), playing and organizing his collaborations. PUSHKIN group - live acts. Special act: in Anorak (Berlin),Trio: Sasha Pushkin - Synthesizer, Souleymane Toure - Drums, Boris Rayskin - Cello, electronics. Work with Gogo Gordon on an international "Novarosta" festival. A singer by Blue monkeys, fun project of Katerina Pavlakis. Guest singer by Blechreiz (SO 36 etc...)

1997 - Duo SASHA PUSHKIN & ANDRAS´TIBORZ`(Transsylvanians), organizing support and working with an experimental theater - music project HXA( Russia). Europe tour with HXA. Concerts with Alexander Kopanev, PUSHKIN and PUSHKIN & TOURE and PIANO SOLO concerts in Germany and France. Diverse concerts in Pfefferberg .Berlin. Organizing an exhibition, collaborations and concerts of Dimitri Kahovski (st.Petersburg), Concerts with Boris Rayskin(NY) and support for his organization of first SKIF festival.

1998 - Stopping PUSHKIN group, creating new PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT, working with Sigmoon (Von Magnet, France), Sandra Cutinio ( Bass &Voice & Electronics, Brasil)…. Rote Salon - S.Pushkin(Piano) + Andras´Tiborz( violin) + Souleymane Toure (Dr) PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT by Ludwigslust Festival (Hamburg) , SOLO PIANO concerts in Germany and France. SOLO PIANO and a big impovised music session with other musicians in Manege, (St. Petersburg) at the International art exhibition.

1999 - creating PUSHKIN FUNPLUGGED, concerts in Germany. Recording PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT CD. Writing and reading live. 2 place by Poetry Slam in Scheinbar. Berlin Starting collaboration with KMA. SOLO PIANO in "Dock 11" and " Die Kueche" Berlin. SOLO PIANO tour in Germay. PUSHKIN & TOURE by Tollwut Festival, Muenchen. SOLO PIANO concerts in France, Russia, Greece.

2000 - Organising and leading a huge CD ( T of U ) release of PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT, 5 hours non stop event, about 40 participants, multi media show, performances ..etc. in Pfefferberg. POTJOMKIN Festival.Berlin. PUSHKIN & TOURE by Welt - beats Festival. Concerts of PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT in Germany. Writing a Jungle for Multi Kulti radio. SOLO PIANO Tour Germany. Concerts in France. Recording of PUSHKIN FUNPLUGGED CD ( Bardak nr. 1)

2001 - SOLO PIANO, PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT, PUSHKIN FUNPLUGGED, PUSHKIN & TOURE concerts in Germany, France. Readings live of « Presidenten Briefe», creating QWELIA PROJECT" and playing live, SOLO PIANO by FIIB. Berlin, Trio - Stefan Butt (poetry), Sasha Pushkin - Piano, Johanes Glende - Cello, writing and performing a song with Erci E. Collaboration with Nikolai Konanov (Poetry)

2002 - SOLO PIANO concerts in Russia, Session with Two Airplanes (Dva Samolyota) in st.Petersburg. Concerts of PUSHKIN FUNPLUGGED and PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT in Germany. Session with Oi-Va-Voi (from London) in Moscow. Organising a performance of HXA(Ekaterinburg, Russia) in Kulturbrauerei. Berlin, SOLO PIANO, improvising to the Pictures of Hans Schimanski at the Exhibition in Rostok. PUSHKIN FUNPLUGGED by Karneval der Kulturen.

2003 - SOLO PIANO concerts in London, creating SERENADE FBI project, FILM MUSIC for Veit´s Helmer "Gate to heaven", concerts in France and Germany. Producing electronic beats and compositions for a Hip Hop "community". A solo event (PIANO SOLO, READING, SINGING, DJing) at Theater of Goerlitz. Release of PUSHKIN FUNPLUGGED´s song by Bad taste label (Moscow) Reading in Martin Gropius Bau at the International Literatute Festival. Berlin. PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT by Festival Musiques Volantes. France

2004 - SOLO PIANO concerts in London, recording sessions and collaborations in UK with musicians from "Tool shed", "Home life", "3 Mustapha 3", especially with PADDY STEAR in Manchester. SERENADE FBI by Fusion Festival, PUSHKIN & TOURE by Karneval der Kulturen, SOLO PIANO concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow, SOLO PIANO and a duo with Astrid North (voice) by premiere of Veit Helmer´s film "Gate to heaven" in Palast (Kulturbrauerei. Berln). Duo with Simon Jakob Dress (violins & monochord & voice) Concerts in France and Germany, SOLO PIANO and PUSHKIN & TOURE in Passionskirche. Berlin

2005 - PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT by SKIF festival in Kesselhaus( Kulturbrauerei. Berlin) Acts of DJ DON PUSHKIN in Hau 1, 2, SO 36.Berlin , Recording of an African singer Lumingu Puati. Creating MOO MOO FOLK project. FILM MUSIC for Gotfried Schwemmer´s "Abschid von Hornow", Recording works for solo voice performance of Natalia Pshenichnikova, PUSHKIN & TOURE in Austrian embassy. End of collaboration with KMA.. Writing new part of " Presidenten Briefe", new poems, some live READINGS. Creating CALLIGRAPHY COLLABORATIONS project., performances in Russian theater in Kulturbrauerei, Krokodil and Babylon Cinema, Berlin. Recording of QWELIA PROJECT CD with dr. Bajan and Herman. SOLO PIANO and PUSHKIN FUNPLUGGED by "International Theater Festival" in Kulturbrauerei. "Afro Pharma" CD release with a track of PUSHKINSOUND SYSTEMS.

2006 - starting collaboration and creating a duo: SAINKHO NAMTCHYLAK & SASHA PUSHKIN (live concerts in Russia and Germany, and studio works: composing, recording, using electronic machines), Live READINGS… creating a duo: SASHA PUSHKIN & SID BERND (Theremin), Viktor Nikolayev is using the Music of Sasha Pushkin for CALLYGRAPHY COLLABORATIONS in Moscow in G Z S I (NCCA - national center of contemprorary art) , acts of MC "DON PUSHKIN"( with DJ SHAZAM etc.) PIANO live by Mesut Ali´s group in Badensche Hoff - Berlin. Duo with Edsel Scott (dance performance). MOO MOO FOLK by Karneval der kulturen. PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT by "White Festival", Dessau.

2007 - PIANO SOLO concerts in White Trash, Live - SASHA PUSHKIN & SID BERND (Teremin), FILM MUSIC for «Und ewig ruft der berg », Silent movie music for"Berlin - Synfonie der Grossstadt", "Koyanisquatsi",. Private SOLO PIANO concerts.. Composing and performing for "Krieg der Sprachen" Festival. A Duo SASHA PUSHKIN & ANDRAS´TIBORZ`(Transsylvanians) by Karneval der Kulturen, Performance by Natalia Pshenichnikova in Kulturbrauerei using recording works by Sasha… Producing a CD of Elke & Band (Hungarian Volk) Guest pianist for Sid Bernd´s film music production. Writing and translating own texts from Russian into German with Juergen Nafti.