Basic formation:

Sasha Pushkin - Voice, Electronics
J. M. Zeger - Guitar
Jim Lametta (Tobias Vethake) - Cello, Guitar, Mandolin
Souleymane Toure - Percussion
Moritz Wermelskirch (MRTZ) - Slide Projection Machines

Guest musicians & artists:

Oleg Matrosov - Tzura, Domra, Electronics
Sebastian Hilken - Cello
Mathias Brozio - E - Saz
Tayfun Schultzke - Percussion
Mahmoud Fadl - Percussion
Veranika Kruhlova - Voice
Banana Lyte - Video Programing, Projections
Komunne 3000 - Stick - dance performance
Stephan Butt - Supervisor
Vlad Maugli - Guitar
Moon zuk Kang - Voice, Tai chi


To go your own way. To see no borders. To be timeless. To avoid clichés.
To belong nowhere. To belong everywhere. To be constantly in development.
To groove the brain. Bottom and top. North and South. To brain the groove.
To beat the boom. To boom the beat.


This is “Boom Beat”. This is their own way. Sometimes they call it “Psycho Active Ethno Industrial”. However there’s no aim to follow any known style. Its somehow conceptional music. If you use the word Experimental maybe you have a chance to define it. Sometimes you find elements of: Break Beat, Trip-Hop, Reggae, Avant-garde, World music, Ethnic Fusion, Dub, Industrial, Art Rock, Post Rock, Minimalism and Psychedelia.. Some say, that Sasha Pushkin´s voice sometimes reminds one of Tom Waits and Lou Reed. Always modern grooves. Always progressive sound. Always an emotionally loaded beat. Always a litlle unusual. Never colorless. It goes way off. With hot pepper!

Inspired by Brian Eno, David Byrne, King Crimson, Tom Waits, Nina Hagen, David Sylvian, 23 Skidoo, Madness, Ministry, Aquarium, Harry Parch, Peter Gabriel, Residents, Zga, Tom Ze, Asian Dub Foundation, Transglobal Underground, Photek, Björk, Urban Dance Squad, Reggae and Dub, Russian, African and middle Eastern folk music, Modern Classic and Free Jazz and more…


Electronic rhythms are combined with live percussion. Greek Tzura, or Ukrainian Domra with guitar, played by a wooden stick. The electric cello with distorted voice. The beat is often made out of many short parts of normally long loops or out of mechanical and natural noise sounds. No limit of language. No limit of style. No limit on searching. No limit of length. No limit at all. The compositions can be anything between 3 to 15 minutes long. Experiments with a structure. No restrictions to verse - chorus - verse formats. Tightly composed parts combined with totally free improvisations. No limit of using acoustic or electric bass.” I just do something with bass drums and no one notices that there’s no bass at all” (Sasha Pushkin) Slowing down and speeding up instrumental lines simultaneously. Building a composition on dialog principal. Minimal tendencies combined with explosively eclectic parts. Harmony and dissonance. Putting together elements of different styles. Transparent arrangements. Mixing cold mechanic with warm emotion. Hidden massage. Intellectual and spiritual touch. Music for 7 shakras. Conceptually composed performance. Theatrical touches. Every musician is a visual figure in the field of stage light - projected atmosphere. Every composition is an audio-visual story, waiting to unfold.


Just a phenomenon. Sasha Pushkin Voice, Programming
Sound artist and conceptualist. Tireless collaborator in different art and music fields. Transformable vocalist. Founder and creative source of Pushkin Boom Beat and many other projects. A charismatic stage presence of undiminished energy.

Just a magician. Souleymane Toure Djembe Tarabuka Talking Drums Voice
A versatile veteran drummer from the Ivory Coast. His beat has powered a legendary orchestra from Abijan and brought Alpha Blondy to the charts. He worked with Manu Dibango and 1001 others. A founder of the Academy Percussion and grand patriarch of Berlin´s percussionists.

Just a master. J. M. Zeger Guitar Objects
A guitar player with a philosophical and explosive expressiveness. Known as a solo improviser and founder of the Gamelan - guitar sound. A world “Play´n Search” traveler throughout the USA and Finland, Belarus and Indonesia. Does not like to speak.

Just a boom. Jim Lametta. Cello Electronics Mandolin Voice
The young and fresh generation power. Film and TV music composer. Solo performer and a founder of the “Blamk records” label. Multi-instrumentalist, can play any instrument known to man. Just watch him play.


At the age of 12 Sasha formed his first “studio band” with school friends. Recordings were made in his parents` apartment, using the sounds of Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Suitcase, a portable cassette recorder and various found objects. He formed his second band at the age of 15. With a real Drum Set, Electric Guitar and a Russian electric organ. These improvised compositions sounded like a Russian Velvet Underground. In the same period he had his first “professional” trial - playing keyboard and piano with two of Russia’s future Rock legends, Viktor Tsoi (Kino) and his partner Sergey Timofeev. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the two singers fell out and the project fell apart shortly after Sasha became involved. Afterwards, Viktor Tsoi formed the group Kino, and Sergey Timofeev formed the Buratino group.

There came a number of projects after that. With a stage name “Alexander Spagetti” Sasha played by Buratino, Sosedi and Dva Samolyota. At age 22 he made many tours and performed stadium concerts as support act for DDT, a number one group of Russian Rock. They traveled around Russia, Ukraine, Belorus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In 1989 when his group was constantly on TV, Sasha Pushkin went to the west. He took part in many jam sessions with different musicians, making thousands of recording experiments and travelling around.
He recorded and produced a CD’s by English Underground singer David Hull, Russian Folk singer Alexandr Kopanev. Guested on recordings by Hungarian Folk Rock group “Transsylvanians” and American experimental ballad maker Jeff Tarleton.. Later he worked as a guest singer and soundman with Berlin’s Russian Folk Rock legend “Apparatschik” and Ska Band “Blechreiz”. He played the role of frontman of their common project “Skazdrovje” in front of 7000 people in Rudolstadt and 3000 people in Berlin and worked on their CD productions.
In 1995 the director of Womex (World Wide Music Expo) and Piranha label Mr. Borkowski made a proposal for “PUSHKIN” project. In just two weeks the 9 - head group was on the Berlin stage. They groove till you’re loopy, mixing Funk, Ska, Russian Rap and Wave, World Beat and avant-garde sounds. That was just the beginning....
In 1998, in spite of much success Sasha stopped the “PUSHKIN” project, and formed the new “PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT” to explore his experimental electronic, Rock and ethnic sound ideas. In 1999 he created “PUSHKIN FUNPLUGGED” as an outlet for his “Russian fun” ideas.

By 1998 there were just 4 musicians and machines on stage. The the new face of Boom Beat - more unusual, more electronic, more conceptual and modern.
In 1999 PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT made a new recording and Sasha Pushkin makes the photos for the cover in Greece and Switzerland. It had to be something special. The next year, Rubel Records label (a representative of Russian Experimental Rock legend in Germany, the “Aquarium” group) becomes a production partner.
At the end of 2000 in Berlin they were fortunate in experiencing a CD - release of their work - a 5 hour long Multi-media Mystery show with 40 participants, (performances, slide and video projections, special space dividing constructions and 15 musicians at the same time on the stage jamming with the DJ) Like yesterday and today and tomorrow the group constantly plays the same, but ever-changing “Boom Beat” sound .



Former PUSHKIN musicians (thanks !):

1995 - 1998
Voice - Sasha Pushkin
Drums - Ned Irving , Herman Lamboy , Stephan Mattue
Percussion - Souleymane Toure
Bass - Ramani Krishna, Buddy (Frank Tillman)
Guitar - Sakari Luoma, Mike 2 Tische Betz, Joerg Maria Zeger
Violin - Andraz Tiborz
Accordion - Pieza Kruisko

Former PUSHKIN Guests: (thanks !)

Nguen wan nam - Monachord


98 - Part 2, mp3, 772 kb ......>>>
98 - Part 3, mp3, 769 kb ......>>>
BUBBLE - Chorus, mp3, 484 kb ......>>>
BUBBLE - Verse, mp3, 571 kb ......>>>
LANDSCAPE 7, mp3, 597 kb ......>>>
MAN WOMAN - BREAK, mp3, 613 kb ......>>>
MAN WOMAN, mp3, 607 kb ......>>>
MERDO - Instrumental, mp3, 441 kb ......>>>
P of M, mp3, 646 kb ......>>>
T of U - INSTRUMENTAL, mp3, 463 kb ......>>>
T of U, mp3, 487 kb ......>>>
YOU KNOW NOW, mp3, 804 kb ......>>>


Sasha Pushkin voice, programming
Souleymane Toure djembe, darabuka, talking drum, voice
J. M. Zeger guitar, objects
Jim Lametta e - cello, electronics, mandoline, voice

Ihre Musik heisst "Boom Beat" oder "Psycho Active Ethno Industrial" und schwebt in einem unentdeckten Grenzbereich zwischen Parodie und Ernst, U - und E-Musik. Die vier energiegeladenen Musiker füllen die minimalistisch-mechanischen Rhythmen mit einem theatralischen Freistilmix voller Sehnsucht und Musikalität. Boom Beat erschafft einen abenteuerlicher Klangraum, in dem sich gesampelte arabische oder industrielle Rhythmen mit dem Offbeat einer griechischen Zura oder Elektronik Cello und afrikanischer Konzeptualität treffen, um gemeinsam im West-Ost-Süd-Nord-Groove abzuheben.
Die Musik von Pushkin Boom Beat ist so kompliziert und einfach wie ein Zahnrad, das sich ohne Eile in das Fleisch unserer modernen Musik schneidet. Sasha Pushkin, das Multitalent aus Sankt Petersburg, komponiert und textet, arrangiert und ist durch seine expressive Bühnenpräsenz und seine extrem wandlungsfähige Stimme ein idealer Frontmann. Seine Stimme rappt und toastet, er singt manchmal russisch-melancholisch, manchmal laut und böse. Aber immer mit Pfeffer.

Pushkin spielte sich im Rahmen des "Potsdamer Abkommen" und beim Berliner "Bands United" - Festival in die Herzen des Publikums - und der Medien. Daß in seiner Band auch Musiker von Apparatschik und Blechreiz spielten, wundert nicht: mit beiden Bands gab es schon umjubelte Auftritte. So im Berliner SO 36 und im Pfefferberg, Tempodrom, Haus der Kulturen der Welt ..., so auch als Headliner des Abends vor 7000 begeisterten Zuschauern beim Tanz- und Folkfestival Rudolstadt. "Wann hört man wieder was von Euch?" war Backstage die meistgestellte Frage. Hier ist die Antwort: "Jetzt!"

Boom Beat wird verglichen mit … Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Can, The Ex, Nick Cave, Talking Heads, Massive Attack ...
Boom Beat ist inspiriert durch ... Trip-Hop und Post Rock, Worldmusic und Rap, Reggae und Avantgarde … und zwar zusammen!
Mit eigensinniger Stilistik durchbricht Boom Beat die die Grenzen des modernen Popsongs... und zwar heftig!
Boom Beat benutzt ... Maschinenloops, Talking Drums von der Elfenbeinküste, Guitar, Objects, Seiteninstrumente Süd und Osteuropas, Pantomime und Stimme... und zwar zum grooven!
Boom Beat ist live ... Nicht erfunden. Geht richtig ab. Es macht Spaß zuzuhören und sie zu sehen ... und zwar immer!

S. Pushkin ist inspiriert von Brian Eno, David Byrne, King Crimson, Tom Waits, Nina Hagen, David Sylvian, 23 Skidoo, Madness, Ministry, Aquarium, Harry Parch, Peter Gabriel, Residents, Zga, Tom Ze, Asian Dub Foundation, Transglobal Underground, Photek, Björk, Urban Dance Squad, Reggae und Dub, russischer, afrikanischer und orientalem Folk, Moderner Klassik und Free Jazz.



Just a phenomenon. Sasha Pushkin. Voice, Programming

Sound Künstler und Konzeptentwickler. Ein unermüdlicher „Kollaborateur" in verschiedenen Feldern der Kunst und Musik. Gründer und kreative Quelle von Pushkin Boom Beat und vielen anderen Projekten. Er verbindet eine charismatische Bühnenpräsenz mit scheinbar unerschöpflicher Energie.

Just a magician. | Souleymane Toure. Djembe, Tarabuka, Talking Drums, Voice

Ein versierter und wandlungsfähiger "Trommel-Veteran" von der Elfenbeinküste. Sein Beat hat ein legendäres Orchester aus Abijan angetrieben und er brachte Alpha Blondy in die Charts. Er arbeitete mit Manu Dibango und 1000 anderen. Der Gründer der Academy Percussion und der "Patriarch" der Percussionisten Berlin´s.

Just a master. J. M. Zeger. Guitar, Objects

Ein Gitarist mit philosophischem und gleichzeitig explosivem Ausdruck. Bekannt als Solist und Improvisations-Künstler, wie als Wegbereiter des Gamelan-sounds auf der Gitarre. Ein "Play`n`Search" Weltreisender durch die USA und Finnland, Belarus und Indonesien. Und er schweigt gerne ...

Just a boom. Jim Lametta. E-Cello, Mandoline, Electronics, Voice

Die Kraft der neuen Generation. Vielfachtalent. Expression und Humor. Filmmusikkomponist. Man sollte Ihn sehen!


(aus dem englischen Rückübersetzt)

"Ich war sehr beeindruckt ... ungeheure Kraft ... äußerst interessante Arbeit... unglaubliche Dinge geschehen ... progressiver Sound ... bedeutsamer Anstoß aus Berlin... "
Francis Gay WDR 5 & WDR Funkhaus Europa & SFB 4 Multi Kulti

„Absolut einzigartiger Stil ... etwas nie zuvor gehörtes erscheint ... unnachahmliche Technik ..." „Postmodernes Schamanentum auf der Höhe seiner Zeit."
Oliver Heilwagen Die Welt, Tagesspiegel

„Der Virtuose Pushkin wirkte wie ein an die Spitze stürmender Showmaster ... Nach den ersten Paar Takten war die Halle zum bersten voll ... und kein Einziger verliess den Raum vor dem Ende ..."
Freie Presse

Sasha Pushkin sang einen "Raggamuffin-style" der manch einen Jamaikaner übertroffen hätte ..."
Die Welt

"Live muß es unglaublich sein !"
Sasha Karminski Intro
"it´s great!"
Marc Ribot (Tom Waits, John Zorn etc.)

Die Welt, Berliner Morgenpost, Zitty, Tip, Folk-Michel, Berliner Zeitung, TAZ, BZ, Volker, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Abendblatt, Intro, Guide, Freie Presse, Jazzthetik, Vogue, Hi Fi Music, ...

Fernsehauftritte: NTV, ORB, OKB, SFB, RBB, DW...

WDR 5, WDR Funkhaus Europa, SFB 4 Multi Kulti, Radio Brandenburg, Kiss FM, MDR Sputnik, Deutschland Radio, Radio Kultur, RBB, NDR Radio Globo, KSFR Santa Fe Community radio, ALL FM 96.9, BBC ...