Here you find most of released and unreleased music, other audio tracks, videos, images and other found things, which don’t quite fit in the "Projects & Worx" area or anywhere else on this web site. They consist of different things from the past, present and future.


Own productions:

DVD Sasha Pushkin. Piano Solo."Exprovisation 153 B"
CD Sasha Pushkin. Piano Solo. "15 Exprovisations"
CD Sasha Pushkin. Piano Solo. "19 Selected tracks"
CD Sasha Pushkin. Piano Solo live. "Exprovisation 147 B"
CD Sasha Pushkin. Piano Solo live. "Exprovisation 153 B"
CD Sasha Pushkin. Piano Solo live. « Exprovisation 64 L » (part1)
CD Sasha Pushkin. Piano Solo. "13 Exprovisations"
CD Sasha Pushkin. Piano Solo live. "Exprovisation in Freiburg"
CD Pushkin & Toure. "Black whiteness"

Other productions:

CD "The afro pharma experience." PUSHKINSOUND SYSTEMS.
Track "Hop Hop Jesus"
CD Potjomkin Festival. PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT. Track "You know now"
CD Soundtrack for "Gate to heaven" (Tor zum Himel) film. PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT. Track "98"
CD !Donnerwetter! by Biztram. Sasha Pushkin: Keys
CD LudwigsLust Festival. PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT Live
CD Bad taste. "Novy God" PUSHKIN FUNPLUGGED. Track "Christmas, happy day"
CD Welt - beats Festival. PUSHKIN & TOURE Tracks 5 and 6
CD "29" by Kraig Nienhuis. Sasha Pushkin: keyboards.
CD Alexandr Kopanev. "Geschlossene Somerheuse"
Sasha Pushkin: Vocals. Guitar. Keyboards. Recording. Mix.
CD Blechreiz. "Rude Gangsters" Sasha Pushkin: Vocals
CD Blechreiz live. „Schnaps oder Suppe?" Sasha Pushkin: Vocals
CD Apparatchik. "Apparatschik" Sasha Pushkin: editioanl help
CD "New generation & hip hop nation" Sampler. Sasha Pushkin: Arrangements, recording, mix.
CD Homelife. "Guru man hubcap lady" Sasha Pushkin: keys, bell & gong
CD by David Hall "the dwarf inside" Sasha Pushkin: recording, mixing, vocals, objects, keys
Tape "Blin" Sasha Pushkin: Inspiration & sound concept
LP by Jeff Tarleton. Sasha Pushkin: keys
LP Sosedi. "Tadap" Sasha Pushkin: keys

Other recordings:

PUSHKIN (group) Recordings from 1995 - 1998:

2 AIRPLAINS.MP3 .....(6.608 kb)......>>>
COME ON BABUSHKA.MP3 ....(788 kb) .....>>>
MAMA - OLD SONG.MP3 .....(4.811 kb) ....>>>
NO STEAL BEAR.MP3 ......(1.097 kb) ......>>>
SECOND GIRL.MP3 ......(616 kb) ......>>>

Sasha Pushkin Diverse recordings

PADDYRAPSKO.MP3......(459 kb) .......>>>
SORRY.MP3 ......(564 kb) .....>>>
THE LIFE IS FUNNY.MP3 .....(716 kb) .....>>>


Sasha organizes an Exhibition
"V poiskakh sedla" - portrait by Dimitri Kahovski