Between 2004 and 2006 Sasha worked as a Dj.

He worked with a number of musical acts, most notably in Berlinīs HAU 1 after a concert from the group "LENINGRAD" and in SO 36 after a concert by LA MINOR.

When Dj-ing Sasha played mostly Russian and international Underground folk, ska, rock & world mix, using music from NOL, La minor, Leningrad, Manu Chao, Akvarium, Garik Sukachyov, Auktion, etc... He also played music from friends - Dr. Bajan, Apparatschik, Die Grine Kuzine, Transsylvanians, Markscheider Kunst etc, Dva Samolyota...

By the way, there is another DJ working in Berlin called - Alexander Pushkin, people often donīt know who is who. But as you can see by their names thereīs a difference. And the musical styles of both DJīs are quite different. s