It´s just about a Sasha´s voice and a mike. A kind of “Wicked Vocal Acrobatics” *

Mostly in the area of Drum & bass, Asian underground, World music and Hip Hop.

He has performed with a Japanese Laptopper ** called Tomoki, and with Berlin’s Asian Underground pioneer-DJ Shazam, both of who are members of ‘Nomad Sound Sytem’.

He also did a session with Genetic drugs, a great world - electronic music remixer & producer..

As of yet, there are only few recorded examples of MC DON PUSHKIN. But maybe you´ll get a better idea of what it’s about by listening to some compositions of PUSHKINSOUND SYSTEMS.

* “Wicked Vocal Acrobatic” is an expression, founded by DJ Shazam for Sasha´s voice sound…

** “Laptopper” is a made up word by Sasha to describe Tomiki, who for some reason is incapable of operating a record or cd and seems to have become physically and emotionally attached to his laptop.


NICK TICK, mp3, 4847 kb ......>>>
R HYMNE, mp3, 551 kb ......>>>
RAKS SHARKI REMIX short, mp3, 707 kb ......>>>