MOO MOO FOLK is a world music project, based on a collaboration with Veranika Kruhlova(Belarus) She is the lead singer of Kriwi, a great World music avant-garde group.

It began some time ago as an exchange. Sasha was a guest musician by Kriwi (singing, playing electronics, piano, and guitar) and Veranika was an occasional guest with PUSHKIN FUNPLUGGED and PUSHKIN BOOM BEAT.

Veranika Kruhlova

Then Sasha and Veranika did some duo concerts, and were later joined by other musicians.

The present line up of the groups is:

Sasha Pushkin Guitar, Voice, Electronics
Veranika Kruhlova (Kriwi) Voice
Attila Szibi (Transsylvanians, Pushkin Funplugged) Drums, Percussion
Oleg Matrosov( Apparatschik, Pushkin Funplugged) Tzura, Voice