Multi lingual music project. Just for fun…

Itīs based around a strange hybrid language - a mixture of Russian and German, which has been unconsciously created and is spoken by Russians living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

When playing and singing in this language, Sasha often finds it hard to keep his cool and on occasion has laughed himself off the stage.

To appreciate the full comic effect of this work - you have to master Russian and German at the same time. Although you can just listen to the music. Itīs sounds quite similar to PUSHKIN FUNPLUGGED

This project has itīs own website: www.qwelia.de

Basic formation:

Sasha Pushkin - Guitar, voice

Guest musicians:

Dr, Bajan - Bajan, Voice
Herman - Percussion
Andrey Surī - Violin

Music by : Sasha Pushkin

Lyrics by:
Sasha Pushkin, Vladimir Sazonov, Nadejda Sergueeva, Anastasiya Makeeva

Active support: Irina Vasilyeva

On the photo is one of itīs highlights : QWELIA PROJECT at Dresdner Bank, Pariser Platz., near Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Dialog Berlin - Moscow


CHETVERO DRUZEY, mp3, 486 kb ......>>>
LASTOCHKA, mp3, 749 kb ......>>>
MAMA ZURUEKBLEIBERA LYUBLU, mp3, 482 kb ......>>>
MONOLOG POVOLSHSKOGO NEMZA, mp3, 918 kb ......>>>
SCHTEINBOKU PISEZ, mp3, 633 kb ......>>>
SPIELHALLE, mp3, 617 kb ......>>>
V KELLERE TERMIN, mp3, 535 kb ......>>>